Friday, September 25, 2009

Ghost Story at High School Klang

From the rumor what i heard when i still in Form 4, my friend from 6th Scout said that got Japanese Army marching at late night. Some more they don't have head when marching!! This was because last time our school was one of the war base for Japanese during War World II in Malaysia involved British and Japanese. All the Japanese very cruel and no mercy, cut off all human head and dump into one site. That why we have one special block in toilet old building that we cannot enter. It locked, inside look very dark and can feel the sensation of the cold pinch from your skin into your blood vessel..urgh!!!

Story of the Toilet in High School Klang. In the male toilet, there happen the confusion between the scout member playing treasure hunt, went to count the number of the room toilet, some counted 14, some counted 13!!! Do you Know what mean of 13?? i also not really sure... But from what rumor said, last time got one uncle died inside the toilet.It happen because that time is the end of year holiday, this canteen staff uncle went to toilet, by unknowing by the guard lock all the door of class room, gate include the main gate of toilet!! Pity uncle shout very loud, even that no one can heard him. The old man died of hunger and thirst for 3 months , where his body found when the reopen school at new year.

Another special sound of "secret" play by one of the female headmistress in one of our High School Old Hall.She teach student how to play the piano and part of her job beside than headmistress. Again a rumor said that, this nonfunctional piano can sound in the mid night by itself. Who is the piaonist? We not sure that was the member of the scout or the headmistress? She had stop being the headmistress but her work not done piano for student listen at night............
I touched this piano before, only 2 keys was functioned and it located in the High School Libary Gallery Site. You may come to my school to see the antique cloth, machine and other instrument. When this piano move from Old Hall to Library, no sound heard from that time.

Another site in our school have 1 pool, inside the water full with greenish of algae even that we cannot see anything in the water. The camp site for the 6th scout, they use to play around near this pool. One day, one of the member, saw something floated on the water. His curiosity asked him to pick up the bunch of blackish. When he picked up, guess what.....a HEAD OF WOMEN.....

Normally our school perhimpunan, we always need to line up and stand for half hour to listen to any announcement for the activity for our school. On the site of perhimpunan, we could see 4 hole key-like able to open the floor mean that we able to open the pathway to another world or we can travel from Klang to Port Klang, we heard that Japanese use this pathway to run away from attack by British. This interconnected from High School until Methodist Girl School....In this pathway they said got many people died when traveled using this many ghost story to tell.but few of this was the famous told by my friend..

When i writing this blog, sleepness and coldness and be feel each time i wrote down..some more the mirror just at my left side..feel very't all the ghost story writer like RUSSELL LEE have this kind of feeling?

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